BEMT token community knows that it has been while that the token was listed on a major centralized exchange. But through lots of comments and emails, it came to our attention that many of you wanted BEMT to be listed on an exchange that supports fiat currencies like Dollar and Euro.

Coinsbit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in August 2018 and registered in Estonia/Europe. The platform has established itself in the crypto market and is now thriving with over millions of active users. Besides supporting major coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, Coinsbit also supports leading stablecoins like Tether and newly added tokens like BEMT.

So, we are glad to announce that BEMT is going to be listed on on15.02.2022, one of the top-ranking cryptocurrency exchanges with a high volume of daily trade and the capability to invest directly with fiat monies like USD, EUR, TRY, RUB, etc. We are proud and happy to make investment and speculation easier for the loyal community of BEMT.

BEMT will be tradable with USDT as pair! Now your road to investment in BEM foundation amazing projects is another step easier and more within reach. By buying BEMT, you can get benefits from the upcoming BEM Foundation‘s own dedicated blockchain called BEMPIRE, which is of the POA type. The project states, that it works on the development of Payment gateway, Casino, On-chain gaming, Wallet, Swap, Exchange, Metaverse, NFT Market and many more entrepreneurship programs.

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