Coinsbit is a one of major cryptocurrency exchange that has established itself in the crypto market and is now thriving with over millions of active users. Besides supporting major coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, Coinsbit also supports leading stablecoins like Tether and newly added tokens like BEMT. Here is tutorial and basic introduction on how to use this exchange services with following sections:

  1. Registration
  2. Two Factor Authentication
  3. Login
  4. Deposit
  5. Withdrawal
  6. Trading
  1. Registration
    First, visit official website and you will see home page as below. Click “SIGN UP” at the top right corner and the link will direct you to the registration page.

In the registration page, please enter your email address and choose a password (at least 8 letters and maximum of 20, it should contain small and capital letters, numbers and signs) then click on “SIGN UP” button and check the terms of service box after reading it.


A verification puzzle like the one below will pop-up solve it to continue:


Coinsbit will send a confirmation email to the email address you entered. A verification code will be included in the email sent to you. Please login your email account, copy the verification code from the confirmation email and paste the verification code into the box below.


Now you easily deposit your asset in coinsbit wallet and place your trades. But to withdraw money you need to verified you identity. For Identification go to user icon then click on “PROFILE”.


Scroll the Profile page to “Identity Verification” section. Click on verification. There will be some step to provide your information, including basic personal info, address, uploading governmental issued id photo and lastly uploading a selfie picture holding the ID you just had uploaded image of.
*** Without identity verification asset withdrawal is not possible so before transferring any fund to coinsbit make sure your account is verified!

In some countries according to financial authorities or any other regulator use of foreign cryptocurrency exchanges is limited or prohibited, so coinsbit may do not provide service for residents of the aforementioned states

2.Two Factor Authentication (this step is optional)
Here is how to activate Google Authentication, from top right corner of the page click on the user icon the click on “SECURITY”

As of now step authentication is optional on platform. You can choose this option for more security, but it may in future be necessary for login or withdrawal


To enable Google Authenticator
For IOS users, please enter and search “Google authenticator” in App Store, download and install the app.
For Android users, please follow the link below and download the app:
Then scroll for the “two-factor Athentication” field:


Use the information available here (generated key or QR) to activate 2FA session in Google Authenticator app then enter the 2FA code from the app here to enable the service. From now on you can use the live generated key from the app to Sign-in and validate transactions.

Visit our website and press “SIGN IN” on the top right corner.


The link will direct you to the login page. Please enter your email and password on the login page and press “Login”.


After logging in your account on Coinsbit, click “Wallet” then “Balance” on the top right corner and you can deposit your assets into your personal account on Coinsbit.


Deposit your asset(s) by choosing the type(s) of asset(s) you intend to deposit into your Coinsbit account.Take USDT for example. Then Click on deposit.


If the the token/coin of is available on multiple networks, choose carefully the network you already have your token/coin on, from payment method drop-box.


You may choose to deposit your USDT by copying your deposit address or scanning the QR code.

bemt coin

Apart from the token(s) that exactly match(es) with the deposit address(es) you intend to deposit your tokens into, DO NOT deposit any other type(s) of token(s) into the deposit address(es) that doesn’t (don’t) match with the relevant tokens. If any user(s) deposit(s) any other types of tokens into the wrong deposit address(es), the user(s) will not be able to retrieve their tokens in this case.
Please also pay attention to the minimum deposit volume.
After finishing the deposit process, users may check the progress of their deposit transaction(s) in “Deposit History” section from “WALLET” on upper right corner of the page.

For the inquiry of any blockchain assets of TRX and TRC20 tokens, please follow the link here: tronscan . For the inquiry of any blockchain assets of ETH and ERC20 tokens, please follow the link here: etherscan. For the inquiry of any blockchain assets in BTC, please follow the link btc . If you haven’t received your assets after a long time and it appears that the network is not congested, please send a support ticket to us.

***please note that for withdrawal your account should be verified***
After logging in your account on coinsbit, click “WALLET” on the top right corner then “BALANCE” and you can withdraw your assets from your coinsbit account.


Withdraw your asset(s) by choosing the type(s) of asset(s) you intend to withdraw from your coinsbit account.


Take BEMT or BTC for example, input the amount of the asset(s) you intend to withdraw and then input the wallet address you intend to withdraw your asset(s) to.
If you don’t have wallet, we recommend TokenPocket is a guide on how to use it.

Click “BUY CRYPTO” and then click on either “PRO SPOT TRADING” or “CLASSIC SPOT TRADING” to enter the trading interface.


You may search names of tokens you intend to buy and the available transaction pairs on the left hand side in the market field.


You can place your order from lower mid section of the trading page:


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