• Could you introduce BEMT to potential investors?

    BEMT is medium of investment in BEM foundation projects. BEM foundation invests in cryptocurrencies and usage of cryptocurrency related projects.

  • Why do you name your token, BEMT?

    BEM stands for best economic money, and the ‘t’ at the end, obviously represents token :).
    BEM foundation who introduced BEMT needed a medium to facilitate investment in its crypto-related project and hence comes the name

  • What are your future plans for BEMT?

    As I said earlier BEMT is a medium of investment in BEM foundations projects. BEM foundation aims to release its own blockchain and many DApps in the area of investments and entertainment.
    We have a dedicated research team to assign and prioritize best investment opportunities.
    In near future, one of our plans is to unveil BEMC or BEM Coin which will replace BEMT easily. So you will be profiting from our blockchain services in addition to the investment gain you would have earlier on.

  • What are the total token and max supply of BEMT tokens?

    Total amount of tokens that have been minted is 30,000,000. And maximum amount of tokens that can be minted (as per contract specification) is also 30,000,000.

  • What is the BEMT’s contract address, block explorer address and number of decimal it supports?

    The contract address is: TBp6ZMzkxci5o4sJjFa6Fo9Wy36gcubQLW
    The block explorer address is: https://tronscan.org/#/token20/TBp6ZMzkxci5o4sJjFa6Fo9Wy36gcu
    And the supported number is decimal is 6 (i.e. one millionth).

  • Please provide us official links to your website and social media, so we can get the latest and reliable data about BEMT and your projects?

    As we provide all the data you may find necessary on our website and also in you can get the latest news from our social media:
    Our official webstie:
    Our social media:







    Some technical and advanced info:


  • Marketing strategies play a major part in the success of a project, what are your plans for marketing BEMT?

    We have planned some great airdrop programs that you can find more info on:
    BEMT is a medium of investment in BEM foundation projects, Blockchain, dApps and staking projects are among our goals. So each project we announce in the future, that in itself it will be an advertisement for BEMT.

  • Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

    We are not a new project, our token has been around about a year. And as you can investigate our plans, we have used so much resources on them and there is no way we could let them to the waist.
    Again no project is guaranteed a 100% success but we can assure you that we are here for the long run.

  • How can we invest in your projects?

    Currently buying BEMT through Hotbit or justswap is your main option. You can also join our airdrop and follow our social media to hear among other things about our promotions, bounties and airdrops.
    I just have introduced all our social media in earlier questions. Here are the main ones:

  • Does your team have good experience in the cryptocurrency world?

    Our team consists of economic analysts and crypto early adopters who set the vision for our projects, and also we have about 20 full-time and part-time programmers who implements and improve the tasks.
    We are also always open to new opportunities to come and we have learned not be biased on old ideas.

  • Can you tell us about your listing plans? Especially the ones involving major exchanges, CEX or DEX?

    We are currently listed on Hotbit and also tradeable on justswap.
    As of now for BEMT token we have no plan to involve more exchanges. But in near future with the introduction of

    (the replacement of BEMT – which will be easily swapped – more info in the near future), we would aim to be listed in the top 10 exchanges.
    And better yet if you are one of long term investors we will lunch or own CEX in the future not too far, in 2 years from now to be sure. And we aim to be one of the major exchanges ourselves.