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BEM foundation ever aims to benefit its investors and loyal community.

Crypto-exchanges can make it much easier for users to invest or trade cryptocurrencies. So to make BEMT more reachable and investment-worthy, we are proud to announce BEMT listing on Hotbit.io.

listing bemt

In 30/Aug/2021, BEMT token is going to be listed on Hotbit.io, one of the leading exchanges in cryptocurrency world! And On 31/Aug/2021, will be tradeable in any trading you desire.

You can now join Hotbit to warm up your hand and be ready to buy and invest more in BEMT and to trade other cryptos for it or vice versa. The following link has an introduction on how to join use Hotbit services.

Hotbit Tutorial

Hotbit exchange promotes four things in particular as reasons to choose Hotbit as your trading platform. First off, it has multi-currency support, meaning that you can trade a lot of different cryptocurrencies here. It is easy to verify this statement and declare that it is true. Hotbit does indeed provide support for a large number of cryptocurrencies. Second, Hotbit has high liquidity (see more on CMC ). Third, the platform provides 24-hour customer service 7 days a week. Naturally, this is very important to its user base. Fourth and finally, the platform promotes that it is “secure and steady”. All of the promoted advantages are things that we deem very important and we applaud Hotbit for having them all.

Don’t forget to join BEMT ongoing Airdrop, if you haven’t by now!

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