Don’t miss the opportunity of getting BEM cryptocurrency in its ongoing Airdrop program.
BEM has grown to have a loyal community of holders and traders. But we plan to ever expand its usage to achieve the goal of being one of the top ten trading mediums worldwide.

Through this Airdrop, you can join BEM cryptocurrency community and benefit from earned values through holding or simply trade it on justswap or bololex (see the full list at the end of this article – more exchange options will be available in near future) exchange it for any currency you like.

The Airdrop goal is to increase awareness about BEM and its plans and also to benefit its community which we hope you will soon be a part of by doing as follow:

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  8. When your points reach 5 BEM points, go to the Telegram robot and enter your trc20 wallet address (if you don’t have wallet, we recommend TockenPocket or TronLink Pro) in the get money field
  9. To receive news about latest BEM foundation revenue generation program follow our social media pages (Twitter, Instagram and Telegram)

BEM Foundation Goals are:

• Preparation suitable and safe occupational grounds in blockchain systems.
• Creation of various platforms by smart contracts technology with the purpose of enabling participants and fans to make money in systems by BEMT.
• Workspace stability, sound job types, project safety in terms of preventing changes in work policies, safety in payments and deposit of commissions, protection of participants’ investments and value and assets of holders.

The Goal Behind Creation of BEMT:

Creating a special currency unit for projects so that participants and holders make money by working in projects and also from rising of the currency values based on market expansion, for which they are partially responsible. In fact, BEM Foundation plans to create a space with BEMT that ensures people interested in participating in and making money from various career platforms that the projects are totally safe and reliable.
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