The BEM Foundation entered the gaming industry in August 2021 to expand the market, attract more holders and traders, and create real added value for BEM tokens.

The BEM Foundation started its activity in the gaming industry with the cooperation and participation of BETCONSTRUCT company.

Another move by the BEM Foundation to expand the BEMT market was to move it to the Binance smart chain and become BEMT Pro.
In addition to the access and facilities that the BSC blockchain provides for the development of BEMT Pro, one of the advantages of this transfer was the addition of two zero digits to the total number of BEMTs in relation to each investor’s assets, which is very influential in development.

Introducing betconstruct

Betconstruct is one of the largest companies providing game sites, whose main job is to provide game services, gaming site templates and financial management system, and in general to provide a complete gaming site to the partner company.

The company provides technology for the gaming industry, which offers products such as poker, bingo, sports prediction, virtual reality, skill games, fantasy sports and eSports.

Betconstruct has been operating in the United States since 2011.
The company was established in the United States and was gradually able to increase the number of its offices. To date, it has had more than 16 offices around the world. Betconstruct is headquartered in London.

The betconstruct collection has continued to grow since 2011, in 2018 it opened more than 16 international offices around the world and now employs more than 3,000 people in the collection, of which 1,000 People work in research and development.

BETCONSTRUCT website licenses

BetConstruct has proven its legitimacy with more than 39 licenses from around the world, and this can ease subscribers’ concerns about the company’s reputation, and it’s most important license is from Malta.

Betconstruct has also been involved in a wide range of advertising activities, including sponsorship of the English football club Arsenal.

BEMGAMES introduction

The BEMGAMES platform is a gaming platform with valid international and regular licenses and is a joint project of the BEM Foundation and betconstruct.

BEMGAMES has more than 10,000 online games, virtual reality games, predictions and many other exciting and up-to-date games that support all countries.

Bemgames platform is a multilingual platform with support for English, Persian, Russian, Armenian, Arabic and Turkish languages.

BEMgames platform, like other BEM foundation projects, has the ability to generate revenue, and referral in addition to generating revenue from the game itself.

Bemgames automatic payment and withdrawal portals,
Coin payment, perfect money & voucher perfect money
And is the Bempay payment gateway.

Bemgames users can top up their accounts and participate in games via bempay with tokens provided by the BEM foundation.


The bridge between betconstruct and the BEM Foundation for the bemgames project is the Bem payment project with the Bempay trademark.

BEMPAY project is the financial manager of bemgames project, all payments and withdrawals are confirmed and done through bempay crypto payment gateway.

The bempay project is an integrated and universal payment system. bempay is very useful and important for the development of online businesses.

The BEMPAY payment gateway project is actually a complete banking system in the field of digital currencies.

Features of this online payment system include crypto payment gateway, POS machine, CTM machine, wallet-connected debit cards, dedicated customer club.

The BEM Foundation has two unique capabilities for the evolution of the bempay payment system, which are the result of the efforts of the BEM Foundation’s experts.

The Bempay project offers the first batch of crypto virtual checks and the maker of the first chip payment.

Other benefits of BEMPAY include the Referral feature and the site language, which is connected to each person’s operating system API.

In addition to the currencies provided by the BEM Foundation, defined currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, TRX, USDT can be used in all payment gateways and accepting devices of the Bempay project. Also, the ability to add tokens/coins for commonly used currencies is considered.

at the end…

The BEM Foundation’s partnership with betconstruct is two large and powerful projects, BemGames and Bempay.

From now on, with these two projects, along with the large BemChain project, the activity scope of the BEM Foundation will be wider, and also with the supply and demand created, the value of the provided tokens will be increased.

Following the full launch of these two projects and their development, other BEM Foundation projects will also be unveiled.

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