Know a little more about BEMCHAIN Project!

BEMCHAIN is the key link between BEM foundation projects and the gateway for the public investors and marketers to participate in BEM foundation entrepreneurial and start-up plans.

BEMCHAIN plans are the intersection of marketing and investment for revenue generation and it only became easily accessible for the public with the emergence of blockchain technologies to allow people to invest in BEMCHAIN plans. Through blockchain, investment is as simple as buying BEMCHAIN announced tokens (online from the leisure of your couch) and or participate with Multilayer Marketing methods to crowd found the BEMCHAIN plans to make money and help the initiation of the project.

The BEM Foundation has announced that it wants to work in the field of entrepreneurship and job creation. And to achieve this great and valuable goal, plans and programs such as creating EXCHANGE, ON-CHAIN games; Creates NETWORK MARKETING platforms, etc. The overall purpose of the BEM Foundation is to bridge the gap between Network Marketing and Blockchain The Bemchain suite is one of the ICO projects of the BEM Foundation, which sells BCN tokens.


How to buy BCN tokens:

BCN token is an investment medium of BEMCHAIN project and The only way to buy a BCN token is from the BEMCHAIN.IO website.

To buy a BCN token, investors first need to purchase a BEMT token from an exchange with any currency of their choice. Then go to the BEMCHAIN.IO website and swap it for BCN.

  • 1BEMT = 10 BCN
  • The minimum purchase amount is BEMT 1000 (or equivalent amount of 10000 BCN)
  • The upgrade is based on the number 1000 and the purchase amount increases from 1000bem to 1000bem. 
  • To deposit BCN tokens from a TRC 20 wallet is required (we recommend TokenPocket or TRON LINK PRO.
  • The BCN token in the wallet will be Frozen for 2 years from the day you transfer it to your wallet (in some projects it will be released the same time as it took to finish project fundraising or the maximum of 2 years, whichever comes first, so please read each project’s information thoroughly).
  • You can only buy BCN tokens once per account.
  • You must create a new account to increase your purchase amount.

Why BCN tokens are frozen?

The main advantage of BCN tokens being frozen with a gradual release-time period is that there won’t be any sell rush as it happens with predetermined time tokens releases; So there won’t be any sudden fluctuations or falls in token price as a result of that (find more information on BCN token release time section).

This is a fundamental market management solution and always with this method, the request of buyers is more than the request of sellers and makes the price of BCN tokens grow more.

benefit bem

Benefit of Freeze BCN Token:

The Other advantage of paying STAKING interest to investors is as described below.

Purchase period:

  • 10,000 BEMT to 29,800 BEMT
  • Monthly profit: 1.5%

Purchase period:

  • 30,000 BEMT to 50,000 BEMT
  • Monthly profit: 2%

The minimum purchase in the BEM CHAIN contract is equal to 200 BEMT

Staking interest is paid with BEMT tokens.


10/000 BEMT × 1.5 % = 150 BEMT

What happens to the BEMCHAIN project when the BCN token sale ends?

Following the sale of the BCN token, the BEM Foundation introduces its new token and replaces it with the BCN token.

The new token can only be purchased with the BCN token. Since then, the BEM CHAIN financial system operates with BCN tokens, and all payments are made with BCN tokens.

Future Plans bem

Future Plans:

The BEM Foundation intends to convert the BEMT to a coin by increasing the price of the token, and to form its own blockchain with the goals outlined in the white paper.

When the price of each BEMT unit reaches 500 TRX, the BEM blockchain project will start and when the price reaches 1000 TRX, its activity will start.

It should be noted that other tokens of this foundation are also transferred to the BEM blockchain.

BEMT to BEMC Conversion:

  • Conversion (Best Economic Money Token) to the (Best Economic Money Coin)

Other BEM Foundation programs:

Creating a wallet And a decentralized exchange.

(The BEM CHAIN project raises the necessary funds to launch future projects by selling tokens for each project.)

BCN Token release time:

The BCN token will be Freeze for a maximum of 2 years

If the total sale of the BCN token ends earlier than 2 years, the release will take place immediately.

For example:

If the total sale of 500/000/000 BCN Token is made in 1 year, the Freeze time will be 1 year and the investor tokens will be released earlier in the purchase time order.

After the sale of BCN token version 1.1 white paper and a Road map will be published. And goes through the process of being listed in different exchanges .

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