Here is How to create free TokenPocket account. Following steps show how create Tron account/wallet on TokenPocket.

Download the TockenPocket app from Play-Store/App-Store or their website. There is also PC version available for both Windows and MAC on their website. After downloading the app continue with the first step.

Step 1

Click on “no account”.

Step 2

Select Tron blockchain.

Step 3

Click on “create wallet”.

Step 4

Choose a username and a password.

Step 5

Click on “I got it”

Step 6

Back up your mnemonic phrase. Your mnemonic phrase is the only way you can prove that you are the true owner of your account so back it up in a safe place beyond the reach of any other person.

Click on “Completed backup, verify it now”.

In the next page it will ask you to sort mnemonic phrase’s words to prove you have memorized/kept the phrase.

Step 7

Click on Tron Icon on the main page.

Step 8

Click on “receive”

Step 9

Click on “copy”

Now you have a Tron wallet/account and you have just copied its address.

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