Most of you, Dear BEM foundation‘s community, are aware that the main route for the foundation to raise funds for its projects is BemChain. There have been projects different risen with BemChain by now; the latest was BCN and now a brand new project is going to be introduced named TIM.
In this article, we are going to review how BemChain works and give you a quick review of TIM token and the potential of this newly introduced project.

A Quick Review Of BemChain

Bemchain is the main arm behind the BEM foundation‘s projects funding and a gateway for public investors and marketers to participate in entrepreneurship programs. With intuitive usage of smart contracts and Multi-layer Market for raising money to fund projects with high potential.
From the time of launch BemChain, has been tested and examined repeatedly. Moreover, if you are already one of its users, you are aware it is one of the most secure and trustable platforms to raise money. At the same time, it has been a source of income for numerous participants it has. BemChain plans are the intersection of marketing and investment to generate revenue, and they use blockchain technologies to enable people to invest in BemCain plans.
BemChain releases details of upcoming projects and makes smart contracts publicly available so you can make an informed decision. By studying the available information on the website(, you can get a better understanding of BemChain.
Investing in blockchain is very simple, simply buy tokens announced by BemChain or participate in sales with multi-level marketing methods.
These projects will have more applicants every day. Casinos, chain games, wallets, exchanges, Metaverse, the NFT market and many more are some of the projects that the BEM Foundation is investing in. In short, BemChain organizes ICO projects.
BemChain is also a dedicated Node of the Tron network. In the next section, a full description of the concept of Node and the activity of BemChain is given as a dedicated Node of Tron network.

BemChian Is A TRON Dedicated Node!

BemChain raises funds for its projects by the mean of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have a decentralized network. This indicates that they are not controlled and managed by a specific organization or person. In fact, the network is being organized by computers around the world. Any device that connects to and participates in a currency code network is called a (node).
A public blockchain is an open network. Anyone can download the protocol, read, write an addendum to it and take part in the system. The public blockchain is distributed and decentralized. Transactions are recorded in the form of blocks and are connected so that they form a chain. Each new block has a timestamp, and it is checked by host computers (nodes) before it is written to the blockchain.
All transactions are public, and all nodes are equal. The data in the public blockchain is unchanged: it cannot be changed after the blocks are verified.
Global TRON nodes have very limited capacity and only approve 30 transactions per day for each DAPP. Those DAPPs that need more transactions to be approved should use a dedicated Node. Hence BemChain organized to be one.
A dedicated node is a node you exclusively use for your production purposes. With a dedicated node, you pay for the compute and storage resources used by the node and do not pay for JSON-RPC requests to the node.
In June 2021, the BEM Foundation decided to set up a dedicated server and set up a Node to approve BemChain’s many transactions. In July 2021, BemChain’s proprietary Node computer equipment was purchased, and BemChain is now a dedicated Tron network Node that only uses it to authenticate its own program transactions.
Thanks to this dedicated Node, the BemChain project will always continue to work at its best and will not stop. The BEM Foundation is always one step ahead of the challenges because of its expert blockchain support team.

TIM Token

TIM is the latest project from the BEM Foundation with a unique goal to reach and a special plan to make a step forward in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
The TIM stands for the Tourism Industry Metaverse!
In the TIM project, the planet Earth is to be drawn into virtual reality. All countries and cities, all forests, seas and lands, all the details of the world are displayed in virtual reality.
In this great and exciting project, participants can enter countries and cities with VR glasses and go on a virtual trip.


People who have the luxury to travel can use TIM platform before they start their trip, they can enter the target city before traveling using the TIM platform and see the sights of that country or city and set goals for themselves. After the actual trip, they do their planning purposefully and enjoy the trip to the fullest.
People who are busy or don’t have the means to travel at the moment can start their virtual journey using the TIM platform and walk the streets of different countries and see their place of choice in the world. If the only problem for those who cannot travel is money, they can invest in the TIM platform without risk or work in different parts depending on everyone’s ability to reach the desired financial level for travel.
The TIM platform has many capabilities, one of which is the NFT Market, which includes many NFT tokens.
Other capabilities include investing and buying virtual lands, playing virtual reality games, various transactions and even getting a job on the TIM platform. Businesses that need a lot of consultants in various fields and in this virtual world you can work and earn money. In addition to the virtual jobs that are created for many people, the TIM project also creates many jobs to build the TIM platform.
People who can take 360-degree photos of their place of residence and city and get rewarded by uploading to platform servers.
Lots of workforces are used to keep this project up to date. Attracts programmers, designers, writers, graphic designers and many other jobs. The TIM platform becomes the best investment opportunity of all projects, hosted by the amazing Bempire blockchain platform.

How To Buy TIM Tokens

The TIM token can only be purchased from the BemChain project, as BemChain is the only organizer for private sale TIM token. It can only be purchased with the BCN currency pair. BCN can be aquired from reputable exchanges.
The price of each TIM is equivalent to one BCN.
Minimum token purchase: 10,000 TIM
Purchase upgrade: Multiply by 2000
Use the Tronlink Pro wallet to buy TIM tokens.
With each BemChain account, you can only purchase tokens once per sales period. To get started, purchase a BCN token, deposit the activation fee in your wallet and go to the registration section.

TIM Token Freeze Period

The TIM token is frozen in the Tronlink Pro wallet for 2 years from the date of withdrawal and deposit. The tokens are unfrozen after the sale is completed according to each person’s purchase time. If the sale takes more than 2 years, the unsold tokens will be burned.
The project continues with the same amount sold.
The tokens sold are unfrozen, respectively, at the time of purchase per person for 2 years. If the sale lasts less than 2 years, the sold tokens will be unfrozen in order of purchase time.
For example, if the tokens are sold within a year. The freeze time is reduced to one year, and the tokens are unfrozen after one year, respectively.

Advantages Of Frozen TIM Token:

First advantage:

  • The solutions are engineered and tested. Solutions have been tested on a large scale. The tokens are Frozen for 2 years, and are unfrozen at the time of purchase. This strategy always causes investors to sell their tokens at a profit because investors can not sell tokens together and the day is set for each buyer.

Second advantage:

  • The second advantage of freezing TIM tokens is paying Staking dividends to investors. Investors benefit from participating in the development of TIM tokens. See the Plan section for more information on investment returns.

End Of TIM Token Sales:

Once the sale of the TIM token is over, a new chapter begins for it. The whitepaper will be updated. It will be listed in new exchanges, and it will be listed in publisher sites (e.g. CMC, coingecko, etc), and an article will be written in news magazines to introduce and trend it.
After completing the TIM token sales period, there will be a change of strategy in BemChain. The TIM token will replace the BCN token. TIM tokens will be used for new payments and purchases. But instead of generating new tokens, NFT tokens will be used.
With the sale of TIM tokens, a set of NFT markets will be built in Metavarse that sells various NFT tokens. NFT tokens can only be purchased with TIM tokens and NFT tokens are sold with the N.M plan.

Staking Dividends

Dividends are paid to investors who make purchases within specified intervals.
First purchase period

  • 100,000 TIM to 298,000 TIM
  • Monthly profit: 1.5%

Second purchase period:

  • 300,000 TIM to 500,000 TIM
  • Monthly profit: 2%

Dividends are paid with BCN tokens.

100,000 × 1.5% = 1500 BCN
1500 BCN is paid monthly to a member who has purchased 100,000 TIM.

Binary Plan:

Binary plan is for a member that has two active direct

  • Minimum purchase: 10,000 BCN
  • Purchase upgrade: a multiple of 200
  • Maximum purchase: 500,000 BCN
  • Balance of commissions: 1 to 1
  • Imbalance: The sales volume of the larger team is stored.
  • Weekly income ceiling: 400,000 BCN
  • sales calculation period: weekly

The weekly binary commission is calculated and paid in the same week immediately after the calculation and can be withdraw.

binary bcn

MLM plan:

The MLM plan is active for all members, even those with one active direct. MLM commissions are paid in five levels.
Levels 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are subject to commission
The commission for each level is 2%.
The reason for this type of payment is the difference in the total number of members in the first five levels and the second five levels. Calculating based on progression 2, there will be 62 members in the first five levels, and 1984 in the second five levels. With this method of paying commissions, active members will receive more commissions.

Reward Pool

Pool rewards are paid to members who are more balanced in the binary plan. 5.5% of each purchase on BemChain is split between the four pools.
First pool : 2.5%
Second pool: 1.5%
Third pool: 1%
Fourth pool: 0.5%

On the first of each month, the pool is divided among eligible members. Pool conditions:
First pool : 50 balance
Second pool: 200 balance
Third pool: 500 balance
Fourth pool: 1000 balance

Members who qualify will receive the reward in that month. The reward for each pool is divided between eligible members. And each member can receive this reward only once.

Golden Reward

Gold rewards are paid to members who have an active and very large sales organization. The condition for payment of this bonus is the sale of 10 million BCN in the right sales organization and 10 million BCN in the left sales organization for the member applying for the golden reward.
The golden reward is 1 BTC
The golden reward is paid once for each member.

Starting Conditions

  • You should read the terms of use of BemChain.
  • You must have a Tronlink pro wallet.
  • You must purchase BCN token from an exchange (at least 10,000 BCN)
  • You must have enough TRX in your wallet (at least 200 TRX)
  • Go to the dashboard and registration section, go through the steps and make the payment.
  • With one purchase, all income-generating plans for individuals will be activated.
  • Withdraw your TIM token from the TIM Token section inside the account.
  • Start your business to attract sales.

Activation Fee

At the time of registration and payment of BCN, to buy TIM token, 150 TRX must be paid for the activation fee. This fee is paid only once in each token sales period.
According to calculations, the average transaction cost per person during each period is about 5000 TRX.
This cost includes the cost of calculating the commission and calculating the reserve points for each new and old member, the cost of producing and extracting the TIM token, and the cost of withdrawing the commission.
For points calculations, there is a transaction fee for all plans in BemChain, and it is calculated separately for each member during its operation.
This high cost is due to the vast amount of calculations in the binary revenue plan and multiple plans. With each registration, several thousand node calculations are sent, all of which include costs.
In smart contracts for which such a measure is not provided, they are doomed to fail and stop the project. But BemChain executives have come up with a solution for each part. To create the solution, Bemchain has created a liquidity pool in which transaction costs are accumulated, and Freeze in the Tron blockchain. Freeze operations generate energy, and BemChain members pay a very low transaction fee once, and all transactions are free until the next sales period. Such a project would not stop even because of the high cost of the transaction.

History Of BemChain

The BemChain project was initiated in March 2021 and launched in May 2021. The first registration was done on 2021 / May / 11. The first token held by its BemChain ICO was the BCN token.
BCN is a TRC20 Token. With total supply: 500,000,000. And it is used in Bemex (multi-chain order book Dex by BEM foundation).
The first BCN purchase was withdrawn from the account on July 20, 2021. BemChain had set a two-year deadline for holding the BCN token ICO. But in 7 months, a total of 500,000,000 BCN were sold. Also, 17,667 Holders participated in this project. This shows the power of the N.M plan in holding the ICO.


Future Plans

The BEM Foundation owns a blockchain, the name of this blockchain is Bempire, a Proof of Authority (POA) blockchain.
Bempire blockchain is a complete ecosystem.
All projects and tokens generated by the BEM Foundation will be transferred to the Bempire blockchain. First the ICO (private sale) is held by the BEM Foundation itself and then the IEO (public sale) will be done by a reputable exchange. After the initial release of the BEM coin, the projects are transferred to Bempire one by one. The BemChain project, BCN token and TIM token will also be transferred to Bempire.
The only difference after transfer to Bempire is the activation Fee.
The activation fee is paid with BEM coins and all transaction fees with BEM coin are very affordable.

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