We want to give you some predictions about the year 2022. These are not investment advice; but can you come here at the end of the year and tease us if any of them were wrong.

There are many things up for prediction, but we think the five booms and increases of 2022 will be quite interesting for us all to see.

First of all, Prices will boom definitely, all the coronavirus variations and energy cost increases, will have everything prices raised, from fertilizer and foods to cars. However, the good news is that so will the wages rise, hopefully enough to cover all the costs.

Secondly, we expect a baby boom! With pandemic lockdown and everything, something like this is pretty much a straightforward conclusion. But, we are on the path of new normal, travel is booming, dating is booming and people are getting more active.

The third item would be the EV boom, as the hype of electric vehicles is past and EVs are a real part of life. In European countries sale of EVs has surpassed the old good old diesel vehicles. And by the year 2030 more than 50% of cars worldwide would be EVs.

The second to last prediction is Japan’s economic boom. Japan with population age getting older has many plans for a baby boom. But from a company perspective japan has got it going on. Earnings are growing, companies like Sony, Toyota, Suzuki, Subaru, Denso, and others are going to have a good fiscal year.

For the final prediction, it would be the heavy metal boom. If you are into that genre of music we may have to disappoint you, it may happen but it is not in our field of expertise. The increase in EVs sale, all the copper wires, giant batteries and charging stations, all sums up to an increase in heavy metals prices.

We have one bonus prediction for you all, and it is one of the things that we are most sure of: The boom of BEM!
Stay tuned, we have another countdown coming for this week!

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