You may have seen the BEMT to BNB live price on CoinMarketCap, or the BEMT price on Binance! In case that you missed it, here are the links:

We wanted to congratulate the patient and smart family member of BEM foundation. Today as you probably are aware, BEMT has all the necessary infrastructures ready together with a transparent budget and financial plans. A concrete evidence for this would be the listings of BEMT on many reputable cryptocurrency websites, analytic blogs, and exchanges, which are meticulous about their listed assets.
As many of you may know, the listing on many of these websites is not taken lightly and there are lengthy video chats, interviews, document validation, etc. And, BEMT is proudly listed on more than 40 cryptocurrency references and official websites across the world, which they introduce and provide analytic data about BEMT.
BEM foundation’s marketing team is actively expanding BEMT market by advertising and negotiations to spread the word about the project details.

Here we try to answer some of the most frequent questions we get these days:
When will BEMT be listed on this or that exchange?
For healthy growth and spread of a crypto asset it should have enough trading volume and holder count, so that listing on the new exchanges would bring intended benefits, and BEM foundation founders are really strict about these matters.

Why with these so many great fundamental news there is no significant growth seen in the price?
The price rise in currencies is always closely related to the behavior of the community of those assets or currencies; the holders and traders, are the ones who specify the growth route and rise of one currency. If fear lurks amongst the heart of the holders and traders (which these fears are usually self-made and far from reality, at least in the case of crypto assets like BEMT), the growth will be postponed for certain. But if all the community start to believe in the given targets, the prices will have the deserved rise as quickly as possible. Also, those who trade for short terms will only get small profits but will make the currency value to stay stagnant ranges; we recommend these scalpers and short term trader to broaden their trading time scale and let BEMT reach the deserved targets, and so we will all profit.

How can I help the BEM foundation in its growth route?
Holders have a significant role in the BEM community’s growth. You can actively promote BEMT by participating in reference sites like: CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and like, fav and vote for BEMT In the social networks, like, comment and share posts and news, and also spreading word about BEM foundation and BEMT among friends and associates. Making groups, channels and supporting campaigns. Creating personal blogs, sharing info about BEMT and BEM foundation, etc. All these can have remarkable effect on growth and spread of BEMT.

BEM foundation is on the path growth and development, unity and synergy can make its growth even more rapid.

Here is a small list from websites that have listed BEMT:

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