If you have followed BEM foundation’s news lately, you have probably heard there is a great unveiling about to come.
It has come to our notice some are not keen on the mysterious nature of the unveiling, but be patient with us as a great project surely takes time to implement.
To trigger your curiosity even more and at the same time remove some mysteriousness from the projects, you should know that the unveiling is about introducing a bunch of new blockchain-related websites and their unique features. But that’s not all, there are yet many other great projects to come which these releases will pave the for them all.
Many of you may have some guesses and presumptions about the aforementioned websites and features, but we are honored to think most of you would be surprised about the depth and achievements the project has procured(to get a taste checkout Bempire blockchain).
So stay tuned and check out the timer we have set for the unveiling of upcoming projects.

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