BemChain is one of the major projects of BEM foundation. BemChain, is a link of individuals whose interests and benefits are closely related to each other, and they will do their best to achieve this mutual goal.
The BemChain project is a multipurpose project and it zooms on specific goals including ICO of a coin or a token, entrepreneurial investment, marketing, and related.
At the time of publication of this article, BemChain Project has become a source of income for more than 20 thousand people that includes marketers, employees, and many other related jobs BemChain until now has successfully finished an ICO in a quarter of the appointed time.

BCN Token
BCN token is the first round product of BemChain. There is a total amount of 500 million tokens and BCN ICO aims to raise found for a decentralized exchange. A brief specification of BCN is as follow:
Contract address: TAoA331n3iKDkR62kAZ4H2n3vNL7y3d8x9
Total Supply: 500.000.000 BCN
Circulating Supply: 500.000.000 BCN
Decimal Places: 6
Issuing Time: 2021-07-06 19:25:47 (UTC)
Official Website:
White Paper:

bcn token

BCN Plans
After the successful finishing of BCN ICO, the investors’ purchase will be unfrozen. BEM foundation has envisioned numerous plans to expand BCN, which includes:

Listing on Sunswap
Providing liquidity pool
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Listing on other major Cryptocurrency reference pages
Listing on other major Exchanges
Expanding holders and traders

BCN initiation phase in BemChain
BCN token is a fundamental currency of the BemChain project and a successor to BEMT. After the introduction of the new token, investors and members of BemChain will continue their activities with BCN. This will be fuel for BCN’s high volume of trade and because there is a limited amount of BCN it will raise the BCN price in a fast period of time.
The latest news from BEM foundation about a new token indicated that it is going about metaverse and tourism industry. This token is one of pillar investments of BEM foundation in the metaverse and could be a paradigm shifter in the metaverse and cryptocurrency world.

BCN Token use case
BCN Token has a wide range of use cases and it will be used in all upcoming BEM foundation projects, Including Games, Payment gateway, Lottery, etc.

BEMEX Exchange
BEMEX exchange is one of the plans from BEM foundation. ICO of BCN token is done for BEMEX exchange, which is the decentralized exchange of BEM foundation and its name is derived from BEM foundation and Exchange.
BEMEX = BEM + Exchange
BEMEX is a multichain exchange and it supports major blockchains like TRON, Binance, Ethereum and BEMPIRE. Liquidity pool, farming, order book, etc are among features of this exchange. BCN token is the main token of this exchange and has many use cases on the exchange.
Additional data will be available on BEMEX technical paper.

Further development news about BEM token after its finishing off BemChain project will be available in the upcoming days.

that will result in multifold growth in value, holders and traders.

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